About me

Who is Venka?

Venkatesh Padmanabhan aka Venka, originally from India, I moved to Germany in my early 20s. I started photography after my master studies in media in 2015. Before this, I have never owned a camera before though I have a master degree in Digital media and bachelor in Film Technology. The experience of owning and using a camera was transformative to say the least, I suddenly got a feeling that I have the tool to create memories and shape the destiny of moments as I see, it felt like a super power!

I started taking photographs of every moment I saw, why not? all moments are beautiful aren’t they? But then something stuck me, I stopped liking those photographs, I felt something was missing deep inside. It was time for another inward journey! Next few years, I re-discovered my passion for fashion. I started working as a fashion model. Working as a professional model, made me realize that I love photography as-well. Why not do both? That’s what I am doing now. And guess what, I am home!




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Venkatesh Padmanabhan
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Venkatesh Padmanabhan
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